Call for Papers para el Congreso Internacional: «A flash in the pan or early steps of a glass?»


Call for Papers
A flash in the pan or early steps of a glass? Late Antique (6th-7th century) pant ash-glass in the Mediterranean and continental Europe
Hasta el 15 de enero de 2024 (Call for papers)

2-4 de abril de 2024

Abstract: hasta 300 palabras con 5 palabras clave
Cuota: 50€
Registro y propuestas: David J. Govantes Edwards (

Organiza: Grupo de Investigación Meridies (Universidad de Córdoba)

In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of a type of Late Antique glass whose chemical composition suggests the use of plant ash fluxes perhaps as much as a couple of centuries earlier than the turn-of-9th- century date that has typically been assigned to the substitution of plant- based for mineral-based fluxes in Mediterranean glassmaking. By now, to the best of our knowledge, these glasses have appeared in Egypt, Crete, Cyprus, Spain, Serbia, and the British Isles, and we think that it was high time that we tackled the reasons behind the emergence of these glasses in a largely mineral flux-dominated industry, such as late Antique glass production.

Given that these glasses have appeared in a number of locations across the Mediterranean and Europe and have been published by a number of scholars, we are bringing the leading scholars in the field of glassmaking in late antiquity. We also wish to invite all scholars who can potentially contribute to the better understanding of this technological phenomenon to submit their presentations to the conference.

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