International Conference: «Medieval European Battles: Strategy and Tactics». Vitoria-Gasteiz, UPV, 12-13 julio 2022

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Medieval European battles: strategy and tactics
International Conference
Vitoria-Gasteiz, July 12-13, 2022
Assembly Hall, Micaela Portilla Research Center
University of the Basque Country

Tuesday 12 July
9.00. Opening Remarks and Welcome Address
9.30. Keynote lecture. ‘I counted them all out and I counted them all back’. Numbers in the late medieval ‘Age of Battles’. Anne Curry (University of Southampton).
10.45-12.30 Session 1. Battle Tactics
‘Inherent Military Probability’ and the Tactical Reconstruction of Medieval Battles: Examples from the Hundred Years’ War. Clifford Rogers (U.S. Military Academy, West Point).
The Tactical Use of Gunpowder Weapons on the Late Medieval Battlefield. Kelly DeVries (Loyola University, Maryland).
Battle Tactics in Late Medieval Extremadura: Cavalry, Infantry and Gunpowder. Carlos J. Rodriguez Casillas (Universidad de Extremadura).

12.30-13.30 Debate

15.30-16.45 Session 2. Leadership and battles
Is it possible to teach military leadership? The ‘medieval’ sources answer. Matthew Bennett (University of Winchester).
Battle Seeking, Propaganda and Habit of Victory in Late Medieval Castile. Ekaitz Etxeberria Gallastegi (UPV/EHU).

16.45-17:30 Debate

Wednesday 13 July
9.30-11.45 Session 3. Particular Battles
The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa: Unheard-of Strategy, Classic Tactics. Francisco García Fitz (Universidad de Extremadura).
In Search of Muret. Martín Alvira Cabrer (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).
The Place of the battle of Courtrai in Military History. John France (Swansea University).

11.45-12.45 Debate.

13.00. Closing remarks.

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