Novedad: Imago Temporis, 6 (2012).

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Imago Temporis. 6 (2012).


I.- The past interrogated and unmasked.
European romantic perception of the Middle Ages: nationalism and the picturesque
Núria Perpinyà

Past and present of the Archaeology of the Alquerías
Jorge A. Eiroa

Rewriting the memory. Twenty-five years of Navarrese Historiography (6th to 12th centuries)
Fermín Miranda García

The Challenges of medieval historiography in Brazil at the beginning of the 21st century
Fátima Regina Fernandes

II.- The past studied and measured.
Considerations on the concept of Gens and its relationship with the idea of noble identity in the thought of Isidore of Seville (7th century)
Renan Frighetto

Syriac apocalyptic and the body politic: from individual salvation to the fate of the state. Notes on seventh century texts
Pablo Ubierna

The memory of the “Holy Men” in Hispanic monasticism: the case of the Bierzo region
Iñaki Martín

The War of the Two Pedros (1356-1366): Aragon’s successful administrative strategy of asymmetrical defense
Donald J. Kagay

The Holy Roman Emperor in the toils of the French protocol: the visit of Charles IV to France
Jana Fantysová-Matejková

Patrons and advocates of the sailors. The sainst and the sea in Catalan Gothic
Montserrat Barniol

A late medieval knight reflecting on his Public Life: Hugo de Urriés (c. 1405-c. 1493), diplomacy and translating the classics
Carlos Conde Solares

Lasting falls and wishful recoveries: crusading in the Black Sea Region after the fall of Constantinople
Alexandru Simon

The hagiographical legend: spread, survival and influence on the religious tradition of the Middle and Modern Ages
Andrea Mariana Navarro

III.- The past explained and recreated
“What’s Taters, precious?”: food in Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”
Paul Freedman and Mark Anderson

Medieval Baltimore: using American Medievalism to teach about the European Middle Ages
Rita Costa-Gomes

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