Nueva publicación: «A Plural Peninsula: Studies in Honour of Professor Simon Barton», de Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo (ed.)


Antonella LIUZZO SCORPO (ed.)
A Plural Peninsula: Studies in Honour of Professor Simon Barton
Boston, Brill, 2023, 512 págs.
ISBN: 978-90-04-42546-0

A Plural Peninsula embodies and upholds Professor Simon Barton’s influential scholarly legacy, eschewing rigid disciplinary boundaries. Focusing on textual, archaeological, visual and material culture, the sixteen studies in this volume offer new and important insights into the historical, socio-political and cultural dynamics characterising different, yet interconnected areas within Iberia and the Mediterranean. The structural themes of this volume –the creation and manipulation of historical, historiographical and emotional narratives; changes and continuity in patterns of exchange, cross-fertilisation and the recovery of tradition; and the management of conflict, crisis, power and authority– are also particularly relevant for the postmedieval period, within and beyond Iberia.


Part 1: Emotional Narratives: Pragmatism, Symbolism and Performance

  • The Restless Sea: Storm, Shipwreck and the Mediterranean, c.1000–1700
    Amy G. Remensnyder
  • A Peninsula in Flames: War and Emotions in the Cantigas de Santa María
    Simon R. Doubleday
  • ‘Emotional Diplomacy’: Trust and Political Communication in Thirteenth-Century Iberia Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo

Part 2: Reassessing Historical and Historiographical Narratives

  • Adapting History to Modern Values? Re-evaluating Vellido Dolfos
    Fernando Luis Corral
  • Praying for Conquest in Thirteenth-Century Castile: The Oratio in tempore belli adversus Saracenos
    Teresa Witcombe
  • Reframing ‘Reconquista’. Hernando de Baeza’s Take on the Conquest of Granada
    Teresa Tinsley

Part 3: Exchanges, Tradition and Cross-Fertilisation: Change and Continuity

  • The View from the Edge: Gallaecia and the Byzantine Mediterranean in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries
    Jamie Wood
  • A Forma Mesquite in Formam Ecclesiae: Toledo, Between Rodrigo and Ibn Hud
    Jerrilynn D. Dodds
  • A Christian Iberian Attack on Twelfth-Century Medina? Keys to Understanding an Unusual Story
    Maribel Fierro
  • Jewish Officials at Royal Courts in al-Andalus and Castile (Tenth to Fourteenth Centuries): Continuities and Disjunctions
    Maya Soifer Irish

Part 4: Managing Conflict: Social, Physical and Imagined Boundaries

  • Sex, Theft, and Violence: Conflict and Local Society in the Mountains of León around the Year 1000
    Iñaki Martín Viso
  • The Aristocracy against the King in the Twelfth Century: Rebellion as Opposition to Alfonso VII “Imperator Hispaniae”
    Sonia Vital Fernández
  • Advancing Dogs and Rushing Lions: Animals and the Imagery of Conflict in the Poem of Almería
    Alun Williams

Part 5: Authority, Leadership, Gender and Power Management

  • Once and Future Queen: The Portrait Coinage of Urraca “Regina Hispaniae” (r. 1109–1126)
    Therese Martin
  • Between Queen Regnant and Queen Consort: Berenguela of Castile, Beatrice of Swabia and the Nuances of Queenship
  • Ana Echevarría Arsuaga
  • Speaking Truth to Power: Authority, Social Status, and Gender in Thirteenth-Century Castilian Witness Testimony
    Janna Bianchini

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