Nueva publicación: «The Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, between East and West (Thirteenth to Fifteenth centuries)», por Adela Fábregas (ed.)

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The Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, between East and West (Thirteenth to Fifteenth centuries)


Editorial. Brill
Serie. Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 1. Near and Middle East. Vol. 148
2020, XIV + 673 págs + 39 ilust.
ISBN: 978-90-04-44234-4

The Nasrid Kingdom of Granada (1232-1492) was the last Islamic state in al-Andalus. It has long been considered a historical afterthought, even an anomaly, but this impression must be rectified: here we place the kingdom in a new context, within the processes of change that were taking place across all Western Islamic societies in the late Middle Ages. Despite being the last Islamic entity in the Iberian Peninsula, Granada was neither isolated nor exclusively associated with the nearest Islamic lands. The special relationship between Nasrid territory and the surrounding Christian states accelerated historical processes of change. This volume edited by Adela Fábregas examines the Nasrid kingdom through its politics, society, economics, and culture. 


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