Nuevo número de «Imago Temporis. Medium Aevum». 5, 2011

Imago Temporis. Medium Aevum. 5, 2011

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I Part. The past interrogated and unmasked
Malgosa, A.: The Middle Age viewed through Physical Anthropology (v.o.: L’Edat Mitjana vista des de l’antropologia física).
Kirchner, H.: Archaeology of the landscape and Archaeology farmed areas in the medieval Hispanic societies (v.o.: Arqueología del paisaje y arqueología de los espacios de cultivo en las sociedades hispánicas medievales)
Iancu-Agou, D.: The jews of Provintzia, through the prism of the studies carried out in the South of France (Aix School and NGJ Montpellier), 1960-2010 (v.o.: Les juifs de la Provintzia, au prisme des travaux effectués dans le Midi (école d’Aix et NGJ montpelliéraine), 1960-2010).
Muzzarelli, M.G.: Louise de Kéralio reads the biography of Charles V written by Christine de Pizan: a comparation of two female intellectuals who four centuries apart (v.o.: Louise de Kéralio legge la biografia di Carlo V scritta da Christine de Pizan: due intellettuali donne a confront a Quattro secoli di distanza)

II Part. The past studied and measured
Iglesia, A.: The birth of the Usatici (v.o.: El nacimiento de los Usatici)
Lopes de Barros, M.F.: Christians and mudejars. Perceptions and power in medieval Portuguese society (v.o.: Mudéjares e cristãos: percepções e poder na sociedade medieval portuguesa)
Distefano, G.: Liturgical funnishings and icons in the church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio in Palermo in the Middle Ages (v.o.: Suppellettile liturgica e icone a Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio a Palermo nel Medievo).
Brodman, J.: Crisis in charity: centrifugal and centripetal influences upon medieval caritative orders
Bidot-Germa, D.: The specific features of medieval notaries north and south of the Pyrenees: the example of Béarn (v.o.: Les spécifités du notariat medieval au nord et au sud des Pyrénées: l’exemple du Béarn)
Cabezuelo, J.V.: The seignauralisation of the Southern frontier of Valencia, 1270-1330 (v.o.: La señorialización de la frontera sur valenciana, 1270-1330).
Mott, L.: Sailing through the Black Death: the Crown of Aragon Fleet Ordinances of 1354
Jufre, F.X.: The Astrarium of Giovanni di Dondi (14th century). Mechanical principles (v.o.: El astrario de Giovanni di Dondi (s. XIV). Principios mecánicos).
Leaños, J.: Opportunism or self awareness: the Misunderstood persona of Pope Pius II

III Part. The past explained and recreated
Rehbein, M.: Escaping flatland: multi-dimensionality in medieval texts
Jiménez, J.F: The other possible past: simulation of the Middle Ages in videogames (v.o.: El otro pasado possible: la simulación del medievo en los videojuegos)

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