Nuevo número de la revista: Imago Temporis. Medium Aevum. 13 (2019)


Imago Temporis. Medium Aevum
13 (2019)


I Part. The Past Interrogated and Unmasked

The Recapitulatio: An Apocalyptic Pattern in Middle English Literature
Juan Manuel Castro Carracedo

Hagiography and National Consciousness: The case of Sant Beuno of Wales
Karen Stöber

Between Mythopoiesis, Stereotypes and unconscious Projections. Some case studies of the Historiography on medieval Sardinia (19th-21st centuries)
Luciano Gallinari

The finis terrae and the Last Frontier. On La Edad Media de Chile (‘The Middle Ages of Chile’)
José A. Marín

II Part. The Past Studied and Measured

The importance of Ptolemy and the Almagest in the work of the translators of Arabic Science in the Middle Ages
José Martínez Gázquez

Exsilium hominum ignorantia est. Honorius Augustodunensis and Knowledge in the twelfth century
José Miguel de Toro

‘The Lorn land’: A Winter’s Tale
William Chester Jordan

Captives at the Conquest of Mallorca: September 1229-July 1232
Antoni Ferrer

Estate, Border and agricultural Expansion in the South of the Kingdom of Valencia. The Vilanova lineage during the first half of the 14th century
José Vicente Cabezuelo

Memory, Medicine and Childhood in Middle Age
Ana Maria Rodrigues de Oliveira

Primary Education in medieval Castile
Betsabé Caunedo

Presence and Persistence of Catalan cultural Patterns in the Kingdom of Sardinia through an interdisciplinary psycho-social study of the ‘Corts’
Giovanni Sini

Assaults, murders, insults and blasphemies: Rural Violence in the farmlands of Cordoba in the Late Middle Ages
Javier López Rider

III Part. The Past Explained and Recreated

Colored as its Creators intended: Painted maps in the 1513 edition of Ptolemy’s ‘Geography’
Chet van Duzer

New perspectives for the Dissemination of medieval History: Re-enactment in southern Europe, a view from the perspective of Didactics
Darío Español



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